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Duvivier's Cups and Balls - ref. 02-0496D :

Dominique Duvivier

Duvivier’s Cups and Balls 3.0 Deluxe
Limited edition: only 100 pieces

Price : 890.00 €
(around 1012.00 USD, rate on August 17th, 2018)

The ready to use complete show of the famous Duvivier’s cups and balls in its ultimate version.

There will be the final climax of the apparition of the fourth cup, but it doesn’t stop there:
- You can have the fourth cup vanish,
- Show that it is solid and very heavy,
- Show that the cups are soldered together forming an unbreakable stack,
- Transform the bag into a sewn bag that cannot be opened,
- Turn the balls into very heavy balls.

We provide you with :
- A case for transportation with and inner foam laser cut
- A set of copper cups hand made by one of the last French craftsmen to work in repoussé (more than six hours of work are necessary for each set), 2 regular cups 1chop cup (with neodymium magnet), 1 solid cup, 2 soldered cups
- Crocheted balls made in France: 4 regular crocheted balls, a magnetic crocheted ball with neodymium magnet, 3 big crocheted balls with a heavy heart (made of steel)
- A regular bag and a sewn one
- A deluxe magic wand
- Instructions and tips on video

- A certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by Dominique Duvivier

Démo vidéo