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The Dark Room - ref. 01-1409A :

by Dominique Duvivier

Dare you enter into the Dark Room?

Dominique Duvivier brings a new look to a great classic.

The magician shows some safety pins, which he links together, in a way that the audience cannot understand how such a feat may be possible. The safety pins link together and separate before the audience's awestruck gaze.
And all of this can be examined closely without fear.

Dominique Duvivier has revised this great classic, drawing inspiration from his illustrious predecessors (Jerry Andrus, Tony Slydini, Gaetan Bloom, etc.) and injecting a little of his famous "Duvivier Touch", presenting you with this trick which brings together a fantastic scenario and a progression which culminate into an amazing climax!

And in addition to the video instructions and to the special safety pins that are required for the routine, we will add three regular safety pins; you will thus be able to allow your audience to inspect the safety pins at the end of the routine; you can also perform practically all of the "classic" safety pins routines!

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