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Modern Art of Coin Manipulation - ref. UN-0366 :

Ron Macmillan et Walt Lees

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Introduction by Harry Stanley
Author’s Preface

Chapter 1
- Coins for Manipulation

Chapter 2
- The Classic Palm
- Getting a Coin into the Classic Palm
- Classic Palming More Than One Coin
- Producing Coins from the Classic Palm

Chapter 3

- The Finger Palm
- Placing a Coin into the Finger Palm
- Finger Palming a Stack of Coins

Chapter 4
- The Upper Downs Palm
- Placing a Single Coin in the Upper Downs Palm
- Throw Vanish to Downs Palm
- The Upper Downs Palm for a Stack of Coins
- Placing a Stack of Coins into the Upper Downs Palm
- The Production of Single Coins from a Stack in the Upper Downs Palm

Chapter 5
- The Lower Downs Palm
- Placing a Coin into the Lower Downs Palm
- Ron MacMillan’s Vanish with the Lower Downs Palm
- The Lower Downs Palm with a Stack of Coins
- Production of Single Coins from a Stack in the Lower Downs
- Lower Downs Palm Acquitment
- Spread Vanish using the Lower Downs Palm
- Reproducing the Coin - Allan Shaw Method

Chapter 6
- Back and Front Palming with a Single Coin
- Reproducing the Back Palmed Coin
- Allan Shaw’s Vanish of a Coin
- The Multiple Back Palm - Getting the Coins into the Multiple Back Palm
- Producing Coins from the Multiple Back Palm
- Producing the Last Coin

Chapter 7
- The Basic Spread
- The MacMillan Spread
- The Buckley Spread
- Over the Head
- Spread Vanish and Coin Star

Chapter 8
- Coin Roll or “Steeplechase”
- Peter Reilly’s Coin Production

Chapter 9
- The Coin Juggling Throw

Chapter 10
- The Rear of Thumb Palm
- Producing a Coin from the Rear of Thumb Palm
- Shower Production
- Between the Fingers
- The Coin Star

Chapter 11
- Preparing the Stack
- The Bag Holder
- Dip Pockets
- Servantes for Pick Up Steals

Chapter 12
- Putting together an Act
- Dress
- Disposition of Loads
- Apparatus and Pick Up Load
- Ron MacMillan’s Professional Coin Routine

Livre d'Occasion - Très bon état.
En anglais.

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